Inventory enlightenment for everyone

TRXio is designed for consumer & packaged goods, hi-tech products, manufacturing, installers & integrators of all kinds along with supporting  retail, wholesale and distribution business operations.  Click here to see why companies trust TRXio to be more competitive by managing assets and how they are consumed.

We need to track our tools.

Tracking office equipment that never leaves the office can be easy.  But add the transparency need to maximize the assets on remote job sites with multiple trades.  Now with TRXtools  you can monitor custody, create project tool orders, manage tool cost and manufacturer warranties down to each tool and conduct a site inventory in minutes.  Yes, minutes.  We’ll prove it too.  Ever gone to local pawn shop looking for your tools?  Now a misplaced tool can be recovered by a simple label with an unassuming marketing technique.

I am a manufacturer.

TRXmfg manufacturing module is designed as a permissions based feature for the the unique process of constructing a product with the special needs and requirements needed for success.  Connect distribution paths, provide just-in-time inventory replenishment without Point-of-Sale integration, enhance your messaging to brand evangelists while collecting time sensitive information about your end-users.  Sound as if it’s too good to be true… Well it isn’t. click below and learn for yourself.

I grow things.

PTIPRINT is designed for small and large scale commercial agriculture, farming and food production, as well as related industry packaging, shipping, retail, wholesale and distribution business operations.  From Herbs to Tomatoes and water melons to Mushrooms PTIPRINT is the world wide PTI compliant solution for the Fresh Logistics industry.  Specializing in CO-OP farming and complex production facilities with special needs.



Cairnstack Software LLC is in the business of making businesses better.  It helps big companies keep track of the small stuff and small companies take care of the big stuff.  How can you do business better if you do not know what you have, where you have it and in what condition its in?  

It’s simple, Cairnstack Software’s TRXio and PTIprint SaaS applications elevate people’s ability to perform in a competitive market by tracking what comes into their business and what goes out of their business, thus tracking their ins and outs.



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