Cairnstack: It’s All in the Name

Cairnstack. We love our name and know that it represents our company well. So, what is a cairnstack or cairn stack? A cairn, which originates from the Scottish Gaelic word cairn or its plural form càirn, refers to a man-made pile stones that is used to identify or mark a significant activity, action, event and/or change in route with the purpose of informing or providing notice to others along the path. “Cairns or cairnstacks,” which have been used from prehistoric times to present day, are used in almost all parts of the world to locate buried items, flag burial sites, mark trails, and much more. Cairns are a proven and efficient way to share information with others.

Our name, “Cairnstack,” fits our company perfectly. Cairnstack’s Software platforms, TRXio and PTIprint, help our customers actively locate and trace their inventory throughout their supply chains. More importantly, our products allow our customers to gain the valuable insight and factual data needed to improve their business intelligence from a number of factors and analytics.

Let Cairnstack Software be your marker and guide in improving your business operations through effective inventory management solutions. For more information on Cairnstack’s products, please contact us at