Cairnstack Software, LLC

Cairnstack Software cloud-based platforms help improve business operations through tracking and monitoring of products, people, and processes. Our software applications find and account for inventory and provide valuable business intelligence. Fully integrateable with QuickBooks™ and other programs, our products evolved from custom-built internal applications to commercial-grade inventory management and traceability solutions for various industries, including agriculture, healthcare, consumer electronics, aviation, marine and manufacturing. Cairnstack Software’s inventory management solutions, PTIprint™, and TRXio™ allow users to track and trace products as they move through the supply chain. Bi4Ci™ provides a technology-driven process for collecting and analyzing data to help managers make informed data-driven decisions.

What does Cairnstack mean?

The name Cairnstack comes from the word “Cairn” which for centuries has been used to describe stone markers placed on a trail to signify a point of inflection, interest or caution.  The true meaning of each Cairn is often held by the original maker, and can contain code to convey information quickly and efficiently to inform others traveling along the path. 

Cairnstack. We love our name because it represents us well as we guide our customers down the path to Inventory Enlightenment™. Our products,  PTIprint™, TRXio™, and Bi4Ci™ advance our customers’ inventory processes so they can improve operational efficiencies, identify losses, and increase cost-saving benefits. 

Why Cairnstack?

Cairnstack Software offers platforms that track everything from produce to electronics to herbs to rocket engines to satellite parts. We are focused on what you have, how you use it, and what you can control to make better business decisions. Through factual real-time data, we improve upon business intelligence by providing visibility into a product’s complete life cycle. Our user-friendly software tools identify, track, and internally move products and assemblies;  combining inventory control, internal distribution, marketing, and warranty management into an easy-to-use system. Cairnstack has proven itself to be a leader in developing life-saving, efficient software platforms. Imagine what we can do for your business. Let us be your guide to Inventory Enlightenment™.

Our Path

2009 – LeafTrack™

Cairnstack Software develops a software platform, LeafTrack™, for the Colorado Department of Revenue. LeafTrack™ is designed to track, trace, and enforce a variety of medical marijuana crops and products. 

2011 – PTIprint™

In January 2011, President Obama signs the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) into law. The most sweeping food safety legislation in more than 70 years, the bill aims to ensure the safety of the country’s food supply by shifting focus from responding to contamination to preventing it. At this time, there is no sustainable “farm-to-table” solution commercially available, so Cairnstack Software launches PTIprint™ in response to this significant regulatory change. PTIprint™ provides food producers around the world with a low cost, easy-to-use cloud-based platform with full supply-chain traceability, produce traceability initiative (PTI) compliance, inventory control tools, and a robust reporting platform.

2013 – TRXio™

Cairnstack Software introduces TRXio™, an inventory management, and asset tracking solution that delivers Inventory Enlightenment™ through unique item-level traceability. TRXio™ is initially developed for the consumer electronic industry, but quickly expands to other industries. The cloud-based platform offers complete inventory visibility and real-time asset management through every stage of business. TRXio™ is a simple-to-use system providing end-to-end, real-time tracking and management of an entire inventory, including product shipment details, in-house location levels, vehicle inventory, job-specific product use, and warranty management.

2016 – Bi4Ci™

In conjunction with the Bravas group, Cairnstack Software releases Bi4Ci™, a SaaS application designed to collect, display, and compare multiple companies’ financials on an easy-to-read dashboard. Bi4Ci™ offers a technology-driven process for collecting, analyzing, and presenting data to inform management and provides insight on industry-specific actions to drive decisions. This business intelligence platform gives companies a new way to view their data and create action plans.


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Cairnstack Software is committed to guiding our customers on the path of Inventory Enlightenment™. We understand that our customers are human because we’re human too. We value civility, enjoy a bit of humor, and honor our commitments. We’re willing to learn about the complexity of different industries and adapt to our customers’ needs. From the customers we work with to the SaaS applications we create – it is our goal to create a positive experience at every stage.