TRXio Asset Management Software

How Does Asset Management Work?

 TRXio’s cloud-based inventory and asset management platform gives you real-time information about your assets and the program is scalable as your business grows.  TRXio adds value by creating unique item-level Live QR codes for each asset that it tracks along the product life-cycle. Live QR codes offer a unique traceability feature that includes geo-location information and item movement history.  Live QR codes are easily scannable by cell phones, tablets, scanners or our own Waypoint device.

All asset information is stored securely in the cloud and TRXio offers a special web page for each asset that can include product photos, warranty information, maintenance notes, user-guides and/or any other customizable information that is needed. Any access to asset information can be managed with user login levels.


Cairnstack Software offers customized solutions for your business that can include RFID, GPS and IoT solutions. 

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Asset Management

  • Live QR Codes / Barcoding

  • Serialization

  • Asset Traceability

  • User Accountability

  • Life-Cycle Tracking

Benefits of an Inventory & Asset Management Platform

  • Increase efficiency with scanning and automation technology. 

  • Discover real-time cloud visibility for assets by location.

  • Encourage accountability by tracking who used or moved the asset last.

  • Easily upload asset data in a batch file from legacy systems into TRXio.

  • No set-up fees and free US-based technical support.

Cairnstack Software Asset Management

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