Cairnstack Software Auditing Features

How Does Auditing Work?

Auditing your inventory can be labor intensive and costly – especially when operations has to shut down in order to do it.  Our TRXio Inventory Management Platform makes auditing your inventory fast and accurate. This real-time automation system makes auditing with spreadsheets or counting with pen and paper obsolete. By conducting audits through TRXio, inventory can be scanned, recorded and automatically adjusted – all in the cloud.  Users can choose from traditional audits or blind audits to account for inventory faster in multiple locations. Field techs can even use the TRXio App to conduct quick inventory audits of the items in their work vehicles.


Cairnstack Software offers customized solutions for your business that can include RFID, GPS and IoT solutions. 

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  • Scanning

  • Inventory Verification

  • Reduce Downtime

  • Inventory Accuracy

  • Traditional / Blind Audits

Benefits of Auditing with an Inventory Management Platform

  • Increase efficiency with automated inventory audit workflows.

  • Reduce time and employee labor costs associated with manually auditing inventory at each location.

  • Validate all inventory data in real-time.

  • Ensure your inventory valuations are accurate with options for verified, unverified and lost inventory.

  • Completed inventory verification records are saved in the cloud with a date/time stamp along with who did the audit.

  • No set-up fees and free US-based technical support.

Cairnstack Software's TRXio Inventory Management Software Auditing Features

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