Cairnstack Software offers customized solutions for your business that can include RFID, GPS and IoT solutions. 

Cycle Counting

  • Simplifies Cycle Counts

  • Automates Workflow

  • Improves Inventory Accuracy

  • Reduces Operational Downtime

  • Creates ROI

Benefits of using TRXio for Cycle Counting

  • Spot-check any time to ensure minimal inventory shrinkage.

  • Reduces operational downtime during audits and cycle counts.

  • Reduces employee labor and overtime when conducting inventory audits.

  • Builds ROI and higher confidence in the inventory valuation.

  • No set-up fees and free US-based technical support.

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How Does Cycle Counting Work with TRXio?

Cycle counts are typically conducted by counting small sections of your inventory at scheduled intervals, with the intent of counting the entire inventory at the end of a selected time period.  TRXio’s Auditing and Blind Auditing features are often used to help users easily conduct cycle counts. Real-time inventory verification reports can be run by item and/or location, allowing auditors to quickly finish the task at hand. Inventory items are scanned, recorded and automatically adjusted – all in the cloud.  Downtimes, extra hours and even overtime hours are greatly reduced, leading to increases in your company’s bottom line.  By automating workflows with TRXio, improved counting techniques can help to drive inventory accuracy and lead to a higher confidence in your inventory valuation. 

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