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LiveQR Codes

  • Traceability

  • Geo-Location

  • Unique Identifier (UID)

  • Easily Scannable

  • Post-Sale Marketing

Additional Benefits of Using LiveQR Codes in TRXio

LiveQR codes can carry more information than a single barcode.  Each LiveQR has its own designated page on the Internet that can be customized through the TRXio platform to contain product information.  This information that can be displayed includes product pictures, warranties, maintenance schedules, MSDS sheets, field notes, videos, and even links for reordering. When the LiveQR codes are scanned by anyone using a common web-enabled device, such as a smartphone or tablet, they can see immediately see the information placed on the landing page. Many companies like to use this feature for marketing purposes after the sale of the item to the consumer.

Cairnstack Software's TRXio Live QR Code Feature

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Cairnstack Software's TRXio Inventory Management Platform Live QR Code Feature

TRXio’s LiveQR Code Capabilities

  • Full product traceability is available with geo-location.

  • Generates a Unique Identifier (UID) QR Code.

  • Users can scan the code from anywhere to see product information.

  • Easily scannable by numerous imaging devices (such as smartphones, tablets, professional grade scanning devices, etc).

Cairnstack Software's TRXio Inventory Management Platform Live QR Code

How Do LiveQR Codes in TRXio Work?

TRXio utilizes a special LiveQR Code, known as a “LiveQR”, to label each individual inventory item.  It consists of black modules (square dots) arranged in a square grid on a white background. The LiveQR is small, often less than 1 inch square. This LiveQR also serves as a Unique Identifier (UID) for each inventory item, and is used to track the product through its lifecycle. 

TRXio’s LiveQR codes also include a geo-location feature. Anytime the LiveQR is scanned, the geo-location is recorded in TRXio’s database.  Information on product traceability is available instantly through TRXio’s cloud-based system. Knowing the entire history of a product’s journey enables TRXio’s LiveQR traceability and product management platform users to control costs, view distribution channels and boost dealer, customer and overall brand confidence.

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