Cairnstack Software offers customized solutions for your business that can include RFID, GPS and IoT solutions. 

Project Management

  • Project Organization

  • Organize by Scope

  • Status Updates

  • Resource Control

  • Reporting

Benefits of Using Project Management in TRXio

  • Gives status updates to understand workflows of your projects in real-time.

  • Provides hands-on control of your resources.

  • Generates simple and effective reports.

  • Creates detailed information on the location and status of your products.

  • Creates time-stamped handling information with each scan of the LiveQR Code.

TRXio Project Management

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How Does Project Management Work in TRXio?

TRXio is a powerful project management tool that can organize projects by phase, location and users.   Customize your project phases and orders to match your workflows. Track change orders on the fly or in the field. 

TRXio also easily integrates with various proposal software.  Projects can be imported by their associated phases, and notes and project information can be added to all phases in the project.  Status updates and detailed reports keep management informed. Warranty information can be tracked using the LiveQR codes.

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