Cairnstack Software offers customized solutions for your business that can include RFID, GPS and IoT solutions. 


  • UPC Product Database

  • Inventory Verification

  • Vendor PO’s

  • Returns

  • Transfers

Benefits of using TRXio for Receiving Inventory

  • Accept and organize items quickly.

  • Maximizes the information gathered at the point of receiving, which reduces labor cost.

  • Easily scan the items original UPC (Universal Product Code) and pull / load standardized product information into your database.

  • Save time and quickly match items received to Vendor Purchase Order, for easy and efficient inventory verification within your accounting system.

Cairnstack Software's TRXio Inventory Management Platform

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Cairnstack Software's TRXio Inventory Management Platform

How does Inventory Receiving Work with TRXio?

TRXio can receive items into inventory by Vendor PO’s, Transfers, and Returns.  Quickly scan your inventory item and TRXio prompts you for any additional information that is required.  Inventory records are captured quickly and can be accessed from anywhere with our mobile apps. TRXio includes a standardized product information database based on the Universal Product Code (UPC) that can be used to pre-load product information to save time during the initial program setup.  

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