Cairnstack Software offers customized solutions for your business that can include RFID, GPS and IoT solutions. 

Standardized Identification

  • Standard Label Format

  • LiveQR Code

  • Barcode

  • Serialization

  • Multilingual Capability

  • Regulatory Compliance

Benefits of using TRXio for Standardized Identification

  • Produces a standard label format for easy identification.

  • Easily recognizable for internal and external use by your staff, vendors and customers.

  • Easy to identify labels improve functional tasks and project timelines. 

  • Offering a multilingual printing platform, which helps alleviate language barriers and easily broadens your effective business reach into new markets.

TRXio Standardized Identification

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Cairnstack Software's TRXio Inventory Management Platform Label

How does Standardized Identification Work with TRXio?

Implementing a standardized label process for your inventory not only increases product visibility and improves quality control, but it can also reduce labor costs in the form of extra time spent looking for product information.  Labels that are consistent and easy to read help to drive inventory accuracy. Standardized labels also help to avoid product recalls related to labeling issues and errors.

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